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The Opening Report Meeting of ¡°A Research on the History of Communication and Development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India Connection Area¡± -The Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund Was Successfully Held
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On July 5, the Opening Report Meeting of ¡°A Research on the History of Communication and Development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India Connection Area¡±---the Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund was held in the meeting room on the second floor of Tian Jiabing Academy on 121 Campus of YNNU, which was chaired by Professor Zhou Zhisheng, the chief expert.

The review expert team invited to the opening report meeting consisted of Professor Zhao Xinyu, Former President of Southwest Minzu University, Professor Xiraonima£¬Former Vice President of Minzu University of China, Professor Shi Shuo, Yangzi River Scholar of Sichuan University, Professor Zhang Qiaogui, President of Dali University, Professor He Shengda, Former President of Yunnan Academy of Social Science, Professor Lin Chaoming, Former Vice President of Yunnan University, Professor Zhou Ping, Yangzi River Scholar of Yunnan University, Professor Fang Tie and Professor Wang Wenguang from Yunnan University. He Fei, Director of Yunnan Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office, Professor Jiang Yongwen, President of YNNU, and Professor Ding Wenli, Vice President of YNNU attended and addressed the meeting. Professor Zheng Qinhong, Director of the Scientific Research Office was also present. The meeting was hosted by Professor Jiang Yongwen.

        President Jiang Yongwen, on behalf of YNNU, first expressed his thanks and warm welcome to the experts, then introduced the current situation of the development in scientific research of liberal arts. He pointed out that the approval of the Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund was attributed to Professor Zhou Zhisheng¡¯s hard study for years. The project will be fully supported and guaranteed by our university, from which high quality achievements will be expected.

He Fei, Director of Philosophy and Social Science Planning Office, confirmed the significance of the project in Yunnan social science research, as well as in YNNU. He noted that the implementation of the project would be promoted and outstanding achievements and the construction of high level research team would be expected.

Professor Zhou Zhisheng£¬the chief expert, briefly expounded the background, the research contents, the key problems to be solved and the difficulties, the research methods and technologies, the schedule and tasks, the expected goals and achievements of ¡°A Research on the History of Communication and Development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India Connection Area¡±---the Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund. Professor Zhou noted that the project would generally review the history of communication and development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India connection area, expand the new room for the study of the history of communication and development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India connection area, enhance the academic say in this field, and promote people¡¯s understanding in the importance of Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India connection area. The project team would also summarize the experience of interaction history, boost the promotion of ¡°Belt and Road¡± initiative, and follow the rule of affinity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness in pushing forward the development of the relationship among neighboring countries. They hoped to make contributions to the personnel training in frontier history, nationality history, and the history of Chinese and foreign relations.

After Zhou Zhisheng¡¯s report, the invited review experts expressed their points of view. They all agreed that Professor Zhou had been studying the development and opening up history of Southwest Frontier on a long-term basis. Years of study provided him with a thorough and profound early-stage research foundation. With the great research significance of the project, the group laid a solid research foundation on the history of communication and development in Yunnan-Tibet-Burma-India connection area. The opening report was fully prepared with the clear logic thinking, reasonable contents and a scientific team structure, in which young scholars would be under the guidance of senior experts. The expert team put forward the constructive comments and suggestions on the refinement of the contents, the presentation of final achievements, and the compacting of research goals. They emphasized that hard work should be carried out and more efforts should be made on the harmonious integration of spatial boundary delimitation, the review of important historical period, and historical study and reality guiding. Members of the research team earnestly accepted the comments of expert team and communicated with them instantly. Professor Zhou Zhisheng expressed sincere thanks to the experts for their guidance and insisted that they would seriously understand and accept the suggestions, improve their research plan and do their best to bring about high quality achievements. Meanwhile, He Yaohua, the researcher, on behalf of the research team, made an acknowledgement and expressed that the team would give full play to the role of senior experts helping young scholars, and make concerted efforts to work out innovative achievements.

 Ding Wenli, Vice President, in charge of Science Research work of YNNU, made a statement and an elaboration on the specific methods and management measures in supporting for the Major Bidding Project of National Social Science Fund, and emphasized on the improvement direction of strengthening the management of follow-up service.

Finally, Professor Jiang Yongwen, on behalf of the university, again gave sincere thanks for and paid great tribute to the experts. He hoped that in the research spirit of ¡°Complete Integrity, High Aspiration, and Rigorous Practice¡±, all the research members should adopt and study the experts¡¯ suggestions, carry out the research in the down-to-the-earth attitude, make outstanding achievements, cultivate the personnel, improve the thoughts, leverage the developing and supporting roles of the Major Project of National Social Science Fund, and contribute to  promoting the development of the philosophy and social science work of YNNU to a higher level. (By Scientific Research Department)

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